Downloading Only One View to PowerPoint

Published: 15 Feb 2019
Last Modified Date: 20 Dec 2019


How to generate a PowerPoint containing only the current view and not all vies in the workbook. 


  • Tableau Online
  • Tableau Server


Option 1

Upgrade to Tableau Server 2019.3 or a newer version. Click here for downloads of current and previous versions of Tableau Server: Tableau Server Downloads and Release Notes. For more information on current releases, see Upgrade Tableau Server and Server Upgrade.

Option 2

As a workaround, create a pptx file with only the current view, change the setting in the workbook from Tabbed Views to 'Hide Tabs'.

Note: If the workbook has been published to Online with 'Show Sheets as Tabs" option enabled, the "Download as PowerPoint" will create a file containing all the views in the workbook. See Showing or Hiding Tabs for a Published Workbook in the Tableau Knowledge Base.
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