Displaying Top Customers Based on Parameter

Published: 05 Aug 2013
Last Modified Date: 18 Dec 2019


How to create a slider parameter that will display top customers sorted by sales, in descending order.


Tableau Desktop


The following instructions can be reviewed in the workbook attached below.
  1. Drag Customer Name to the Filters shelf.
  2. In the Top tab in the Filter dialog box, select By Field > Top > Create a New Parameter.
  3.  In the Create Parameter dialog box:
    • Name the parameter.
    • Ensure Range is selected
    • Enter 0 for Minimum.
    • Enter 10 for Maximum.
    • Click OK to navigate back to the Filter dialog box.
  4. Select Sales Sum.
  5. Click OK.
  6. Right-click Customer Name and select Sort:
    1. Select Field: Sales Sum.
    2. Select Descending.
    3. Click OK.

Additional Information

To view the above steps in action, see the video below.
Note: the video has no sound. To view the video in higher quality, click the YouTube icon below to watch it on YouTube directly.

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