Determining how many seats are available in Tableau Online

Published: 07 Apr 2016
Last Modified Date: 08 Jan 2019


How to determine how many seats are available in Tableau Online.


  • Tableau Online


There are two different ways to find the number of available Tableau Online seats.

Option 1: Through Tableau Online

  1. Log into Tableau Online as a site administrator.

  2. Navigate to Users.

  3. Click on Add Users and then Enter Email Addresses.

  4. Immediately below the box for email addresses, you will see "Available quota: <number> users".

Option 2: Through the Tableau Customer Portal

  1. Log into the Tableau Customer Portal at

  2. Navigate to My Keys.

  3. Click on the Tableau Online site name.

  4. Under the General Information section, you will see Allowed User Count, which is the total number of seats purchased, and Actual User Count, which is the number of seats currently being used. The available seats is the difference between the two.

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