Date Filtering Using LOOKUP Shows No Data

Published: 21 May 2013
Last Modified Date: 28 Aug 2020


Applying a LOOKUP function to find past GDP works in general, does not find past values when a date filter is applied to the view


  • Tableau Desktop


Option 1: Instead of "Filtering" the date data, "Hide" the date data.

To Hide data:
1. Right Click on a date data value desired to be hidden
2. Select Hide
3. Repeat as necessary to remove all undesired date data

To Show Hidden Data:
1. Right Click on date value in worksheet, or on the date field on the Rows or Columns shelf
2. Select Show Hidden Data

Option 2: Pad Data in Data Source

Add dates without any values for any other fields in the data set, so that no date period is NULL. Please note, if any calculations use COUNT( [Date] ) then this method will alter the results.

Additional Information

  • Hidden date data will remain within the data table for the LOOKUP ( ) table calculations
  • Filters will remove values from the data table, omitting values from the table calculations

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