Custom Shapes as Axis Labels

Published: 23 Nov 2015
Last Modified Date: 17 Jan 2019


How to use custom shapes like axis labels in a bar chart.


  • Tableau Desktop


Follow these directions using example data:
  1. Create a calculated field for measures. Click the analysis menu and select create calculated field.

  2. Enter 1.0 in the formula area. The example is named "Custom Shapes".

  3. Drag market to rows. Right click market in the rows shelf and uncheck show header.

  4. Drag profit to columns.

  5. Drag the newly created calculated field, [Custom Shapes], to columns to the left of profit. Right click SUM(Custom Shapes) and change the measure to MIN.

  6. Right click the "Custom Shapes" axis and select edit axis. Select the fixed range. Set the range the start to .9 and the end to 1.1. Click ok. Then, right click the x axis and uncheck show header.

  7. In the marks card, "Min(Custom Shapes)," select shape from the drop down menu. The shape button should now appear on that marks card. Drag a copy of Market to the shape button. Additionally, the size of shapes can be controlled from this marks card. Click size and use the slider to achieve desired size.

  8. Click the shape button. Select the desired custom shapes. For how to add and use custom shapes please see the following link.

  9. The view now shows the profit of different markets with their appropriate symbol.


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