Creating a Pie Chart with Individual Slices for Top N and Single Slice for Other Values

Published: 05 Feb 2013
Last Modified Date: 02 May 2019


How to create a pie chart that has individual slices for each value of Top N and a single slice for all remaining values.


Tableau Desktop


The below instructions use Sample - Superstore data to show the top 5 states by profit in a pie chart. 
  1. Right-click State and select Create > Set 
  2. Name the set Top States by Profit
  3. Select the following options, then click OK: 
    • Top 
    • By Field
    • Top 5 by Sales Sum 
  4. Select Analysis > Create Calculated Field
  5. Name the field Top and Other
  6. Enter the following formula, then click OK: 
    IF [Top States by Profit] then [State] ELSE 'Other' END
  7. Select Pie on the Marks card. 
  8. Place SUM(Sales) on Angle
  9. Place Top and Other on Color.
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