Show Me Requires a Date Field to Create a Line Graph

Published: 14 Feb 2014
Last Modified Date: 29 Oct 2019


When attempting to create a line graph from the Show Me then the option is disabled unless the view includes a date field.


Tableau Desktop


  1. Add at least one measure to the Rows or Columns shelf
  2. In the dropdown menu on the Marks card, select Line rather than Automatic
  3. Add at least one dimension to the Columns shelf, Rows shelf, Detail, Color, Size, Label or Path. Alternatively, the measure can be disaggregated.
Please note, if the dimension is on the same shelf as the measure then the data points will not be connected between dimension values.

Additional Information

The options on the Show Me are based are best practices, and typically a line chart is best suited for graphing trends over time.

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