Creating a Diverging Bar Chart

Published: 23 Jun 2017
Last Modified Date: 31 Dec 2019


How to create a diverging bar chart.


Tableau Desktop


  1. Drag measure with negative and positive values onto Columns.
    1. For example, using the SuperStore sample data, use the Profit measure.
  2. Drag dimension at which you want to see split onto the Rows.
    1. For example, using the SuperStore sample data, use the Segment & State dimensions.

The above example can be reviewed in the attached workbook: Diverging Bar Chart.twbx

Additional Information

Typically if you do not see both negative and positive values, this is because the level of detail is too high and the overall aggregation will be one or the other.

For example, in the attached workbook State is on the view but if that is removed then we only see positive profit overall. If there is negative and positive values in the data and you want to see this displayed, then add a field to the view with enough granularity to show this spread. 

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