Create Z Chart (Numbers, Accumulated Total Numbers, Movement Total Numbers) Within a Year in a View

Published: 18 Aug 2020
Last Modified Date: 08 Jul 2022


How to make Z Chart with numbers line, accumulated total numbers line, movement total line within a year in a view like below.

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  • Tableau Desktop


  1. Drag Continuous Month to [Columns], and drag [Sales] to [Rows]
  2. Create a Parameter named [!Start Date] to control the start date of the graph
  3. Create a Calculated field named [!One Year Range of Date] to filter a year range. And drag it into [Filters] Shelf
    • DATEDIFF('month',[!Start Date], LOOKUP(MIN([Order Date]),0))<=11
      AND  DATEDIFF('month',[!Start Date], LOOKUP(MIN([Order Date]),0))>=0
  4. Create a Calculated field named [!Movement Total] to show the movement of total sales. And add it to the view.
    • WINDOW_SUM(SUM([Sales]), -11,0)
  5. Create a Calculated field named [!Accumulated Total Numbers] to show the accumulated sales within a year. 
    • IF DATEDIFF("month",[!Start Date], [Order Date])>=0 THEN [Sales] END
  6. Add [!Accumulated Total Numbers] into the view and set the table calculation as [Running Total]
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