Create a Municipal Area Map in Tableau

Published: 15 Sep 2022
Last Modified Date: 15 Sep 2022


How to create an area map at the municipal level.

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  • Tableau Desktop


Tableau supports the geographic data listed in this website.

Below is an example of creating an area map at the city level in Japan.

1. Find the polygon data at the level that you want to create an area map.

If you do not already have spatial files, you can find them at many open data portals. You can also find them on websites for your city or for a particular organization, if they provide them.

In this example, a spatial file containing geometric information is obtained from the following Japanese Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism website.

2. Connect to the spatial file from Tableau Desktop.

3. Confirm that the field containing geometry data is recognized as a spatial field and that latitude and longitude fields are generated.

4. Double-click the Geometry field. An area map is created for the level defined by the geometry.

5. You can customize it as you like by combining the data you wish to visualize.
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