Creating a Discrete Stacked Bar Chart for Discrete Percentages

Published: 22 Dec 2016
Last Modified Date: 18 Jan 2019


How to create a discrete stacked bar chart by percentage.


Tableau Desktop


  1. Create a percentage of total calculation called [Cross-Category %], using a dimension. For example, in the Global Superstore sample data, if [Category] is in the view, the following calculation will show each [Category] value's percentage of the total [Sales]:
    SUM( [Sales] ) 
    SUM( {EXCLUDE [Category] : SUM([Sales])} )
  2. Drag the dimension to "Color" on the Marks card.
  3. Create a calculated field called [Display] to generate a number of asterisks or other characters based on the size of each percentage:
    SPACE(  ROUND( [Cross-Category %], 1 ) * 10  )
    , " " , "*" )
  4. Set the Mark type to Text and drag [Display] to Text.
The above steps will result in approximately ten asterisks to represent percentages of the SUM( [Sales] ) by [Category].

Additional Information

The above steps can be reviewed in the attached workbook: Discrete Percentage Bins.twbx.

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