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Published: 29 Sep 2015
Last Modified Date: 03 May 2019


How to create a back button in a dashboard.


  • Tableau Desktop


Create the Button 

  1. Create a new Worksheet 
  2. Create a Calculated Field containing only the following: INDEX(). This is used as a placeholder to have Tableau Generate a Mark, drag it onto the view pane. 
  3. Click the Mark Type dropdown in the Marks Card, select Shapes
  4. Click the Shape Area of the Marks Card, then click More Shapes
  5. Choose the shape you would prefer for your button.
  6. Click the Label Area of the Marks Card, then deselect Show Mark Labels
  7. Click the Size Area of the Marks Card to adjust size as needed. 

Create the Action 

  1. From your target Dashboard, place the button as desired. 
  2. Click Dashboard>Actions>Add Action>Filter, then follow the settings below. 
  • Source Sheets: The sheet which contains the button should be selected. 
  • Run Action on: Select, Run on Single Select Only. 
  • Target Sheets: The Dashboard which should be used as a target should be selected.
  • Clearing the Selection will: Leave the filter. 
  • Target Filters: Selected Fields, then do not enter any fields. 

Now, on click, your button will return the user to the designated Dashboard or Worksheet. 

Additional Information

Two new dashboard features introduced in Tableau 2018.3 - the Button object and Go to Sheet action - may provide easier ways to navigate to other sheets than the above method. For more information, see Navigate from dashboards more easily.

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