Copying Unrecognized or Ambiguous Map Locations to the Clipboard

Published: 26 Feb 2013
Last Modified Date: 18 Oct 2017


How to copy all unrecognized or ambiguous geographic locations in Tableau Desktop to the clipboard.


  • Tableau Desktop
  • Geocoding


  1. In the bottom, right corner of the map view, click <number> unknown, where <number> is the number of unknown records. 
  2. Select Show Data at Default Position. All unknown values will be co-located in a region of the ocean just off the coast of Africa.
  3. Locate the values on the map and drag a selection box over all of the unknown values.
  4. Hover over the selection to activate the tooltip, and then click View Data
  5. In the View Data window, all of the unrecognized zip codes will be listed in the Summary tab. Select all values, copy them, and then paste them into another file.
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