Copying a Published Data Source from One Project to Another

Published: 08 Jul 2013
Last Modified Date: 31 Dec 2019


How to move Tableau data server data sources from one project to another.


Tableau Server


  1. Open Tableau Desktop and select Connect To Data > Tableau Server.
  2. Sign in to Tableau Server by using a publisher user account.
  3. Hover the pointer over the relevant published data connection, and then click Download a copy.

    User-added image
    A local copy of the published data connection will be downloaded to the local computer as a file.
  4. In Tableau Desktop, connect to the downloaded data source.
  5. Right-click the data source in the Data pane, and then select Publish to Server.

    User-added image
  6. Select a different project from the drop-down list, and then click Publish.
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