Connecting to Smartsheet Data Source from Tableau Online

Published: 18 Aug 2017
Last Modified Date: 22 Aug 2017


How to connect to SmartSheets data sources from Tableau Online. 


  • Tableau Online
  • Smartsheets


Refresh Smartsheet extracts or connect live using Tableau Bridge. 
  1. Install the Smartsheets Tableau Connector on the machine you would like to connect to Smartsheets using.
  2. Follow the Smarthseet instructions to connect to Smarthseets using the Other Databases (ODBC) connector in Tableau Desktop. 
  3. Once connected, publish the live connection, or extract to Tableau Online. See Use Tableau Bridge to Expand Data Freshness Options additional information. 

Additional Information

  • You can connect using your Smarthseets username and password, or using your username and an API Access Token from Smartsheets.  
  • Until a dedicated Tableau connector for Smarthseets is developed, limited support is available for connectivity issues encountered.
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