Connecting GraphQL data sources via Desktop

Published: 09 Dec 2022
Last Modified Date: 09 Dec 2022


How to access/connect GraphQL data sources.


  • Tableau Desktop 
  • Windows 10


Currently, the ability to natively connect to the GraphQL data sources from Tableau Desktop is not built into the product.

A web data connector can be developed which will query the data sources via the GraphQL API.
Online resources to review:
  1. Connect to a Web Data Connector
  2. Web Data Connector Documentation

Note: Tableau does not provide support for connectors or for other programs written to interface with the Web Data Connector API. However, help can be requested after joining our Tableau developer program community forum below:

Web Data Connector Developer Forums

Additionally, please also note that Tableau does provide support for the SDK and WDC library. If you find an issue with the WDC library, the simulator, or any of the developer samples, submit an issue on GitHub:

Tableau Web data connector

Another option is to try GraphQL Tableau Connector developed by Cdata and obtain the support service from Cdata 

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