Configure A View With A Default Filter Value Selected To Reduce Initial Load Time Of View

Published: 10 Aug 2020
Last Modified Date: 27 May 2021


How can I configure a view with a default filter value selected, to reduce initial load time once published?


  • Tableau Desktop
  • Tableau Server


To reduce the initial load time of the published view, configure filters to reduce the amount of data returned in the initial view load. 

Option 1: Publish with fewer filter selections

  1. Select a single value for filter from all values in the view
  2. Publish to Tableau Server. Filter selections can then be modified as desired after the initial load is complete.

Option 2: Use Custom views

For more information, see our product help page Use Custom Views

Option 3: Save the URL with having filter value= <Desired Value> at the end


Option 4: Configure filters to exclude all data and display "Please Select" text

This option has been adapted from Using the 'Please Select' Filter in Tableau, written by Damien Arazi and published on on December 30th 2020.
  1. Right-click a dimension pill on the Filters shelf and select Edit Filter
  2. Select "Custom value list". Type a new custom value such as "Please Select"
  3. Click the plus sign to add the typed value as a custom value
  4. Apply the filter and close the Edit Filter window
  5. Right-click a dimension pill on the Filters shelf and ensure Show Filter is checked
  6. On the filter control, click the dropdown arrow and change the filter type to either Single Value (dropdown) or Multiple Values (dropdown)
  7. a. If using Multiple Values, enable the "Apply" button under Customize as well.
  8. Re-publish the workbook. The default filter value will now appear as (Please Select). All data will be filtered out until users make a filter selection.
Reference image for filter settings on Option 4: Display "Please Select" text

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