Color Only Subtotal Records in a Crosstab in Tableau Desktop

Published: 20 Dec 2022
Last Modified Date: 20 Dec 2022


How to color only the subtotal records in a Crosstab.

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  • Tableau Desktop


Change the shading setting in the format as described below and demonstrated in the attached packaged workbook.

Step 1

Create a crosstab.
1. Connect to the Sample Superstore data.
2. Drag Region and Category to Rows.
3. Drag Sales to Text on the Marks card.
4. Select Toolbar > Analysis >Totals > Add all sub totals.
5. Select Toolbar > Analysis > Totals > Total all using > SUM

Step 2

Change the format settings as described below.
6. Select Toolbar > Format > Shading.
7. In the Format Shading pane, change the setting as follows:
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