Color Line Segments in an Origin-Destination Map by Point Order

Published: 07 May 2018
Last Modified Date: 08 Jan 2019


How to color line segments in an origin-destination map by point order.

For example, for a given path, you are attempting to make the first line segment of every path in the view red, the second segment blue, the third segment orange.


Tableau Desktop 


  1. Create the following calculation, called [Segment Even Numbers]:
    FLOOR([Point Order] / 2) * 2
  2. Create another calculation, called [Segment Odd Numbers]:
    FLOOR(([Point Order] - 1) / 2) * 2 - 1
  3. Add a second copy of the latitude or longitude field to the view, and make it Dual Axis.
  4. Then, drag the [Segment Even Numbers] field to the Color shelf on one of the Marks cards.
  5. Drag [Segment Odd Numbers] to the Color shelf on the other Marks card.
Note: Open the sample workbook Color Segments by Step.twbx to see the final View. 

Additional Information

  • Tableau displays information with marks.
  • It is the points and not the line segments that determine the marks in the view.
  • Therefore, a point can only be used to display a single line segment, even though it connects with two line segments--unless Dual Axis is used.
  • For more information about the FLOOR function, see Number Functions in Tableau Help.

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