Changing the Number of Days Historical Events Are Stored

Published: 18 Jul 2014
Last Modified Date: 04 Jan 2018


How to change the number of days historical events are stored in the Tableau Server database.


  • Tableau Server
  • Tableau Server database


  1. On the computer running Tableau Server, open the Command Prompt as an administrator and navigate to the Tableau Server bin folder, located by default at C:\Program Files\Tableau\Tableau Server\<version>\bin
  2. At the command prompt, run the following commands in order:

    • tabadmin stop 
    • tabadmin set wgserver.audit_history_expiration_days <number of days> 
    • tabadmin config
    • tabadmin start

Additional Information

  • By default, historical event data is stored for 183 days.
  • Entries that are older than 183 days are purged with a reap job.
  • Non-historical records are purged every seven days, or whenever tabadmin backup or tabadmin cleanup is run.
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