Changing the My Tableau Repository Location

Published: 11 Nov 2014
Last Modified Date: 16 Jun 2020


How to find and change the location of the My Tableau Repository folder


Tableau Desktop


Note: The following solutions also work for My Tableau Prep Repository

Solution 1: Change the location of your My Tableau Repository from within Tableau Desktop

  1. Open Tableau Desktop
  2. Navigate to File > Repository Location
  3. Locate the desired folder and click OK
  4. Restart Tableau so that it uses the new repository

Solution 2: How to find your My Tableau Repository folder and manually move it

  1. Open your File Browser or Finder
  2. Navigate to Documents > My Tableau Repository
  • On Windows: C:\Users<user>\Documents\My Tableau Repository
  • On Mac: Example: ~/Documents/My Tableau Repository
  1. Manually move the folder to the desired location
  2. Restart Tableau so that it uses the new repository

Additional Information

Note: By default, Tableau Desktop stores logs in Documents > My Tableau Repository > Logs

For more information, see Files and Folders.

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