Changing the Default Font

Published: 02 Mar 2013
Last Modified Date: 30 Jan 2020


How to change the default font.


Tableau Desktop 


Option 1: Change the default font on a per-workbook basis

For more information see Format at the Workbook Level.

Option 2: Create a bookmark

Create a workbook that contains fonts you will want to use in the future, and save it as a bookmark. For more information, see Bookmarks.

Option 3: Create a template workbook

  1. Create a workbook that contains a worksheet and a dashboard.  
  2. Change the fonts. For more information, see Format at the Worksheet Level.
  3. Save the workbook. 
  4. Instead of creating new workbooks, open the template workbook and Save As under a new name to start your workbook with the formatting of your template workbook.
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