Changing Tableau Cloud Email or User Name

Published: 23 Jan 2014
Last Modified Date: 09 Nov 2023


Is it possible to change the user name (email address) associated with a Tableau Cloud account?


Tableau Cloud


It is not currently possible to change the email address associated with the Tableau Cloud account because the email address serves as the unique user name.  

As a potential workaround, please review the following options:

Option 1

Add the new user email account, move their content and then remove their previous user account:  

  1. Create a new account with the desired email address. For more information, see Add Users.
  2. Sign out of Tableau Cloud.
  3. Sign in to Tableau Cloud with the new credentials.
  4. If the previous account owns content, move content from the previous account to the new user account. See Manage Content Ownership for more information. 
  5. Delete the original account. For more information, see View and Delete Users.

Option 2

If you have limited licenses available and are changing email domains, consider the alternative steps below to re-add all users: 

  1. Designate a single site admin user account for the Tableau Cloud Site.
  2. Assign all content owned by all users to this admin account.
  3. Remove the previous user accounts from the Tableau Cloud Site.
  4. Add the new user email accounts to the site. 
  5. Reassign content ownership back to the new users.
To voice your support for the consideration of adding this feature in a future release, please add your vote the Tableau Community Idea.

Additional Information

  • If you need assistance or automation with the above steps, please reach out to your Tableau Account Representative for additional support options, such as Professional Services.
  • You can remove a user from a site only if the user does not own any content (projects, workbooks, views, or data sources). If you attempt to remove a user who owns content, the user site role will be set to Unlicensed, but not removed.
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