Changing Location of Field Labels in Views

Published: 09 Apr 2014
Last Modified Date: 08 Jan 2019


How to change the location of field labels for rows or columns in the view. 


Tableau Desktop


As a workaround, combine two sheets on a dashboard.

Step 1: Create the Views

  1. In Tableau Desktop, connect to Superstore sample data.
  2. On Sheet 1, drag Customer Segment to Columns.
  3. Drag Sales to Rows.
  4. Select Worksheet > New Worksheet.
  5. Select Analysis > Create Calculated Field.
  6. Name the field Customer Segment Label.
  7. In the formula field, type the following, and then click OK:
    "Customer Segment"
  8. Select Analysis > Create Calculated Field to create a second calculated field.
  9. Name the field Blank.
  10. In the formula field, type the following, and then click OK:
  11. On Sheet 2, drag Customer Segment Label to Rows.
  12. Drag Blank to Text.
  13. Right-click the Customer Segment Label header in the view, and then select Hide Field Labels for Rows.

Step 2: Combine the Sheets on a Dashboard

  1. Select Dashboard > New Dashboard.
  2. Drag Sheet 1 to the top of the dashboard and Sheet 2 to the bottom or vice versa.
  3. On Sheets 1 and 2, right-click the sheet titles, and then select Hide Title.
  4. On Sheet 1, right-click the Customer Segment label, and then select Hide Field Labels for Columns.
  5. Format Sheet 2 to display the Customer Segment text as desired. For more information, see Worksheet Level Formatting in Tableau Help.
To view these steps in action, see the video below: 

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