Changing Embedded Data Source Details

Published: 26 Apr 2018
Last Modified Date: 08 Jul 2022


How to edit embedded data source connection details (e.g. server name, database name, service, port, user name and password) in a large number of published workbooks.


  • Tableau Server


Option 1 - Use tabcmd
Re-publish the workbook and overwrite the existing workbook on Tableau Server using tabcmd publish, e.g.: 
tabcmd publish "analysis.twbx" -r "Test Project" -n Analysis --overwrite --db-username "jsmith" --db-password "secret-password" --save-db-password

If you do not have a local copy of the workbook, use tabcmd get to download the workbook before republishing it.

Option 2 - Use the Tableau Server Client library and the Document API

Use the Tableau Server Client library to download and publish workbooks, and the Document API to change the connection information.

If you require assistance with writing code using the APIs, please search for a relevant discussion or post your question on the Developer Portal.
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