Change Column Order When Using "Export Data to CSV"

Published: 16 Feb 2021
Last Modified Date: 08 Jul 2022


What is the expected order of columns when using [Export Data to CSV]? And how to change it?

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  • Tableau Desktop


The Default Column order is as follows:

  • Before Tableau Desktop 2020.1: Created Calculations + other fields in Alphabetical order
  • 2020.2 and later versions: Dimension in Alphabetical order + Measures in Alphabetical order

The function to change the column order when exporting to CSV file is not currently supported in Tableau Desktop.


  • Rename the fields in the workbook and export to the CSV file. e.g. change [Category] to [1. Category], then it would be in the first place in CSV. Please check the attached workbook and CSV for details.

Additional Information

When you open a data source from a previous version of Tableau in Tableau 2020.2 or later, the column order may be different. Columns may be displayed differently in the View Data window, and the column order may be different when you export it to CSV format. This change in how column order is handled in the View Data window is required to support relationships and logical tables.

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