Block Access to Tableau Server During Maintenance Periods

Published: 15 Jul 2022
Last Modified Date: 15 Jul 2022


How to disable the viewing of dashboards during a fixed time period.

If there is a specific time period when content is updated and the goal is to prevent users from viewing data during this time, how can an Administrator direct users to a page that notifies them that "maintenance is in progress"?  Often, administrators and developers still need to access the workbooks in order to perform the updates during these "maintenance" periods.


  • Tableau Server


The ability to block access to workbooks and redirect selected users to a maintenance notification page during a maintenance period is not currently built into the product. 

The following workarounds do not achieve the desired outcome completely, but are possible options to limit access to Tableau Server.

Option 1

Instead of redirecting to a maintenance notification page, a sign-in message or welcome banner can be used to show users a notice upon login.
For more information, see How To Display A Maintenance Message Window For Tableau Server.

Option 2

A group can be created to contain all users whose access should be blocked, and permissions can be temporarily set to "deny" for this group. However, this is a manual process and cannot be done at the server or site level.  This option cannot redirect to a maintenance notification page.
For more information, see Permissions.

Option 3

The Server Administrator can suspend access to a site. However, this will make the site inaccessible for all users including the developers who need access.
For more information, see Site Availability.
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