Amazon Redshift SSL Certificate Expiring on October 23rd 2017

Published: 22 Sep 2017
Last Modified Date: 30 Oct 2017


What actions do Tableau Server and Tableau Desktop customers who use Amazon Redshift need to take, when the current Redshift SSL certificate expires on October 23rd 2017?


  • Tableau Server 
  • Tableau Desktop
  • Amazon Redshift with SSL connection


The certificate change only affects you, if all of the following three conditions apply:
  1. Your SQL clients or applications connect to Amazon Redshift clusters using SSL with the sslMode connection with option set to require, verify-ca, or verify-full configuration option.
  2. Your clusters are in any AWS region except the AWS GovCloud (US) region, the China (Beijing) region, or the China (Ningxia) region.
  3. You are not using the Amazon Redshift ODBC or JDBC drivers, or you use Amazon Redshift drivers prior to ODBC version or JDBC version
If you are connecting to Amazon Redshift from Tableau and using SSL, then you will meet the first condition above. Please verify if the second and third conditions apply. If all of the above conditions apply, then follow the instructions in the Amazon Redshift documentation (please note that no specific changes to Tableau Desktop nor Tableau Server are required, only a driver update or a manual certificate update).
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