Always Include Null Value While Removing "Null" From Filter

Published: 19 Jun 2017
Last Modified Date: 08 Sep 2018


How to keep null values selected in a view but removing the option "Null" from filter option.


Tableau Desktop


Use a parameter instead of a filter. The below steps can be reviewed in the attached workbook IncludeNullButHideNull.twbx where all Postal Codes can be selected and Null is applied by default. 

Step 1: Create a parameter

  1. Right-click the data pane and select Create parameter...
  2. Name it Postal Code and select the the following settings:
  • Data type: String
  • Allowable values: List
  • List of valued: click Add from Field > Postal Code
  1. Right-click the Postal Code parameter and select Show Parameter Control.

Step 2: Create a calculated field

  1. Select Analysis > Create calculated field...
  2. Name the calculated field Postal Code(Hide Null), enter the following formula and click OK
    IF [Parameters].[Postal Code]=[Postal Code] OR ISNULL([Postal Code]) THEN 0 END
  3. Place Postal Code(Hide Null) to the Filters pane and select 0.

Additional Information

Note: As this solution employs a parameter, only a single selection can be made at a time.
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