Adjusting Space Between Panes When Using a Bar Chart in Tableau Desktop

Published: 05 Jul 2022
Last Modified Date: 05 Jul 2022


How to adjust the space between panes when using a bar chart in Tableau Desktop.

In the below chart, the space between years is too small. We want to adjust this space to be wider.
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The ability to adjust the space between panes when using a bar chart is not currently built into Tableau Desktop.
Please consider the below 2 workarounds.

Option 1:

Update the Quarter field to be Continuous and adjust the size of the bar graph in the Marks card.
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Option 2:

Set the Column Divider by right-clicking a blank space in the chart and selecting Format.
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See the attached workbook for details.

Additional Information

To voice your support for the inclusion of this feature in the future release of the product, vote for the following Community Idea:

Ability to adjust space between panes
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