Adding multiple Web Data Connectors and Secondary URLs in a .JSON file for Tableau Server

Published: 21 May 2020
Last Modified Date: 24 Aug 2022


How to pass multiple Web Data Connectors and secondary whitelist URLs to Tableau Server within a .json file?


  • Tableau Server
  • Web Data Connector


For the tsm commands to pass the .json file to server and apply pending changes, please see: web-data-connector-settings Entity

To create a .json file with multiple WDC and secondary URLs, please see the following template:

  "configEntities": {
    "web-data-connector-settings": {
      "_type": "webDataConnectorSettingsType",
      "refreshEnabled": true,
      "whitelist": {
        "": {
          "secondaryWhitelist": ["*", "*"]
        "": {
          "secondaryWhitelist": ["*"]
      "enabled": true

Copy/paste the template into Notepad, and replace the listed URLs with the actual WDC URLs and secondary URLs needed for whitelisting. Please note that secondary URLs must be separated by parenthesis and comma, as shown above. Additionally, the two WDC are separated by a comma after the immediately-following curly bracket. Ensure that you save the Notepad file as .json.

Additional Information

Notes about the syntax above:
  1. The primary URLs need to include the port or this won't work.
  2. An * does not work for wildcards, it needs to be .*
  3. The secondary whitelist needs to be an actual array not a concatenated string
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