Adding Filters to Dashboards

Published: 16 Sep 2013
Last Modified Date: 04 Dec 2023


How to add filters to dashboards.


Tableau Desktop


If a filter card is already shown on a worksheet before the worksheet is added to the dashboard, then the filter card will automatically be added to the dashboard as well. Adding additional filters later to either the dashboard in general, or to a specific device layout, can be done with the following steps:

Scenario 1: Add a filter to a dashboard

  1. Click on the worksheet on the dashboard to select it.
  2. You will see 4 icons in the upper corner of the gray outline. Select the down arrow to expose the options shown below. User-added image
  3. Select Filters and add the new field to be added as a filter.

Scenario 2: Add a filter to a custom device layout

  1. Use the above method to add the filter to the Default layout. Tableau Desktop will automatically add the filter to all device layouts if they are set to "Default" rather than "Custom" in the Layout section of the left-hand Dashboard pane.
  2. In the Dashboard pane, under Layout, drag the desired filter from the list of all possible filters into the view.
User-added image

Additional Information

The steps demonstrated in this video are from an older version of Desktop.

Note: This article is about adding filters to dashboards which is a collection of worksheets/views with filters already applied. To add filters to the individual worksheets, please refer to the Online help for more details.
Drag dimensions, measures, and date fields to the Filters shelf

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