Activating Tableau Desktop in Citrix

Published: 11 Apr 2017
Last Modified Date: 08 Jun 2022


How to activate and set up Tableau Desktop and Tableau Prep Builder in a Citrix virtual environment. 


  • Tableau Desktop
  • Tableau Prep Builder
  • Citrix



The Citrix Servers should have an installation of Tableau Desktop or Tableau Prep Builder with the Authority to Run (ATR ) option set (Virtual Desktop Support) but no activation performed. 

Tableau Desktop and Tableau Prep must be able to communicate with either your Tableau Server or Tableau Cloud site to use LBLM in a virtual deployment.  If license keys are still being used, Tableau Desktop and Tableau Prep Builder need to access the Tableau license server via Internet access.  No offline activations are possible with this model.

When installing Tableau Desktop or Tableau Prep, be sure to set the activation duration to a value applicable to your use case.  More information on the activation duration is available in this Tableau Community Blog.  There are two installer flags that will improve the end user experience for a non-persistent delivery system, SYNCHROUNOUSLICENSECHECK and SILENTLYREGISTERUSER.  Information on these settings is available in the "Additional configuration for virtual deployments" section of the LBLM Help Guide.

For more information on how to setup Tableau Desktop or Tableau Prep Builder in a virtual deployment, please see Configure Virtual Desktop Support. 

End User Experience 

A user will be entering a key or signing into a server (LBLM) with each new VM delivered.  If LBLM is implemented, no product keys need to be entered but the end user will log into Tableau Server or Tableau Cloud.  

If the end user opens Tableau Desktop and is delivered to the same Citrix Server before the ATR activation lease has expired, there will be no prompt to activate.

If still leveraging license keys and using Virtual Desktop, there is no need to deactivate the product key before returning the VM.  The ATR license server will handle the activation management for you.




Additional Information

If the activation duration is not set properly, you might see a "max extra activations" error. For more information, see Error "max extra activations exceeded".

If the Virtual Desktop option (ATR) is not set for a non-persistent environment, a maximum activation error will occur.  

Citrix Tableau Desktop at Tableau Community Forums. 

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