Target Reference Lines Changes with Filter Selection

Published: 23 Aug 2013
Last Modified Date: 21 Feb 2017


How to create a reference line that shows different targets by country based on a filter selection


  • Tableau Desktop


  1. Drag Country/Region to Columns shelf and Color on Marks card
  2. Drag Sales to Rows Shelf
  3. Drag Profit to Detail on Marks card
  4. Right-click Country/Region and select Show Quick Filter
  5. Right-click the Sales axis and select Add Reference Line
  6. Click the radio button next to Per Cell under Scope
  7. Click the first drop down menu under Value and select SUM(Profit)
  8. Click the drop down menu under Label and select Custom
  9. Enter Average Profit: in the blank text box
  10. Click the small right arrow button and select Value
  11. Click OK

Additional Information

  • Depending on the structure of the view, the Scope may change from Per Cell to Pane
  • If the Country/Region is not on the Columns or Rows shelf, data will be summed in the view and the Reference line when additional countries are added to the filter
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