Set an Alert for Low Disk Space in Tableau Online and Server Sites

Published: 02 Apr 2019
Last Modified Date: 14 Dec 2020


How to set an alert that notifies a site administrator that they are low on disk space when using Tableau Online or Tableau Server


  • Tableau Online
  • Tableau Server


This feature is not currently built into the Tableau Online or Tableau Server Product. Tableau Server can provide email notifications when disk space of the host machines are reaching thresholds but there is no notification to a Site Admin if they are almost exceeding their site space of, for example 10GB:
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Use Admin Insights data source to create custom views, then create data-driven alerts to notify running out of storage.

1. Create a custom view, search "size" for the measures [Size of Data Sources (MB)] and [Size of Workbooks (MB)], then plot the sum-up into the viz
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2. Create an alert for when the storage usage goes above a threshold. For the limit of storage capacity see Tableau Online Site Capacity.
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