REST API Or Tabcmd Authentication With Tableau Server Configured for SAML

Published: 11 Apr 2017
Last Modified Date: 08 Jan 2019


How to sign in with REST API on a Tableau Server configured for SAML. 


  • Tableau Server
  • SAML


As with tabcmd, Tableau Server does not utilize SAML when authentication via the REST API. Instead, sign in using the account credentials as specified on Tableau Server.
  • If Tableau Server is configured for local authentication, sign in with the username and password set for the account on Tableau Server
  • If Tableau Server is configured for Active Directory authentication, sign in with the Active Directory account credentials of the desired account.
Note: In either case, the account must have been explicitly added to Tableau Server (accounts are not automatically added by sign in, and must be added by an administrator prior to any login attempt).
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