How to Gracefully Start and Stop Tableau Server

Published: 18 Oct 2017
Last Modified Date: 10 Jan 2018


How to Gracefully Start and Stop Tableau Server?


  • Tableau Server 


There are many processes and services running in the background of Tableau Server. It is recommended to use Tabadmin commands, Tableau Server Monitor, or the options in the Windows start menu to gracefully start and stop Tableau Server. Doing so takes those processes into account when starting/stopping the server and ensure that all processes are completed and started/stopped in the correct order. 

Starting or Stopping services from the Windows Services console does not take into account processes running in the background and does not gracefully shut down those processes which could cause errors and configuration issues. 

Always use the approved method for starting and stopping Tableau Server.
  • Using Tabadmin
tabadmin start
tabadmin stop
  • From Program Files:
Start the server by selecting All Programs > Tableau Server 10.4 > Start Tableau Server on the Windows Start menu.
Stop the server by selecting All Programs > Tableau Server 10.4 > Stop Tableau Server on the Windows Start menu.
  • Using the Tableau Server Monitor
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