How to Run Tableau Prep Conductor Flows with On-Premises Data in Tableau Online

Published: 26 Jun 2020
Last Modified Date: 29 Jun 2020


How to use Tableau Prep Conductor to run flows in Tableau Online using on-premises/privately hosted data


  • Tableau Online
  • Tableau Prep Conductor
  • On-premises data


1. In Tableau Desktop, connect to your on-premises data.
2. In Desktop, publish the data source to Tableau Online.
3. Set up Tableau Bridge to refresh the published data on a schedule of your choosing.
4. In Tableau Prep Builder, connect to the published data source and build your flow.
5. In Prep Builder, publish the flow to Online.
6. In Online, schedule a flow task to run in Prep Conductor. Note: This step is only available when the Data Management add-on is enabled on your Online site.
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