Web Data Connectors Deprecated in 2023.1 Release

Published: 17 Feb 2023
Last Modified Date: 12 Apr 2023


Starting in Tableau 2023.1, the Web Data Connector and other WDC-based connectors, indicated below, are marked deprecated:
  • Anaplan
  • Intuit QuickBooks Online
  • LinkedIn Sales Navigator
  • Marketo
  • Oracle Eloqua
  • ServiceNow ITSM


2023.1 and newer


General web data connectors need to be migrated to use the Web Data Connector 3.0 SDK.  Replacements for the WDC-based connectors included with Tableau will become available in the Tableau Exchange and Tableau Cloud over the course of 2023.

In addition to updating connectors, your Tableau content will need to be migrated over to use the newer WDC 3.0 connectors. This is a breaking change and will not be an automatic and seamless migration. If you do not own or develop the web data connector you are currently using, you may need to reach out to the vendor or developer of your web data connector to ask if they have a path to migrating to WDC 3.0.


Tableau Web Data Connector version 2.x is set to be retired in 2024. We will begin by marking WDC 2.x related connectors as deprecated in Tableau 2023.1. While marked deprecated, the connectors will continue to function normally until they are retired. This will give you  approximately a year to migrate connectors and content to WDC 3.0 or other solutions.

Additional Information

WDC 2.x will continue to function, and be minimally supported (e.g. critical security updates), in pre-2024 versions of Tableau until all those versions reach the end of support.
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