Upgrade to Tableau Server 2018.2 Stalls or Fails around 12% or 78% with SSL Enabled

Published: 15 Aug 2018
Last Modified Date: 02 Jan 2019


When attempting to upgrade from a Windows installation of Tableau Server 2018.1 or earlier to Tableau Server 2018.2, the installation stalls or fails around 12% or 78%


  • Tableau Server 2018.2 (upgrading from 2018.1 or earlier)
  • Windows
  • SSL


Option 1: 

 Upgrade Tableau Server to 2018.2.1

Option 2: 

If you are unable to upgrade Tableau Server to 2018.2.1, use the following workaround. 


Step 1: Disable SSL prior to upgrading. 
  1. Open command prompt as an administrator
  2. Enter the following command to stop the upgrade job in case it is still running: 
    c:\Program Files\Tableau\Tableau Server\packages\scripts.20182.18.0627.2230\stop-administrative-services.cmd
  3. Enter the following command to start administrative services:
    c:\Program Files\Tableau\Tableau Server\packages\scripts.20182.18.0627.2230\start-administrative-services.cmd
  4. Disable SSL for gateway and postgres, and apply pending changes:

    tsm configuration set -k pgsql.ssl.enabled -v false
    tsm configuration set -k ssl.enabled -v false
    tsm configuration set -k pgsql.ssl.required -v false
    tsm pending-changes apply

Step 2: Perform the upgrade. 
Re-run upgrade script:
c:\Program Files\Tableau\Tableau Server\packages\scripts.20182.18.0627.2230\upgrade-tsm.cmd
Step 3: Re-enable SSL
After upgrade succeeds:
  1. If desired, re-apply external (gateway SSL) using TSM CLI
  2. If desired, re-apply Postgres SSL using TSM CLI
  3. Start Tableau Server via the following command: tsm start


If SSL is enabled prior to upgrading to Tableau Server 2018.2, the upgrade-tsm script will fail, and the following error will be reported in control_tabsvc_node1-0.log: 

ERROR com.tableausoftware.service.helpers.JavaTrustStoreDeployer - Failed to import certificates.

Additional Information

This behavior is related to a Known Issue with ID 808909 which has been corrected in Tableau Server 2018.2.1. 

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