Unexpected Behavior for Gestures and Filters on iPads with iOS 13

Published: 12 Sep 2019
Last Modified Date: 06 Jan 2020


When you use the Safari web browser on an iPad with iOS 13, dragging across a Tableau viz selects multiple marks instead of scrolling, and you can’t interact with filters.


  • Tableau Server 2019.3 and earlier
  • iOS 13 and later
  • Apple iPad
  • Safari Browser


Option 1

Upgrade to a Maintenance Release.

This behavior is caused by a known issue, which has been corrected in the following maintenance releases of Tableau Server: 2019.2.4, 2019.1.8, 2018.3.11, 2018.2.14, 2018.1.17, 10.5.20, 10.4.21, and 10.3.25.

Option 2

Use the dedicated Tableau Mobile app instead of Safari.

Option 3

Other workarounds

  • Use a web browser other than Safari.
  • In Safari browser, click “aA” to the left of the URL, and select Request Mobile Website. 
        Request Mobile website
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