Tableau Viz Lightning Web Component Does Not Work On Salesforce Classic

Publicado: 03 Sep 2020
Fecha de la última modificación: 08 Jun 2022


You can't embed a view in Salesforce Classic using the Tableau Viz Lightning web component.


  • Salesforce Classic UI
  • Tableau Server
  • Tableau Cloud
  • Tableau Public



Download and install the Salesforce Canvas Adapter for Tableau.

Canvas is Salesforce's framework for integrating 3rd-party applications.
The downloadable zip file includes:
  • SFDC canvas adapter
  • Sample workbooks
  • Visual force pages
  • Documentation
  • License Agreement
The documentation steps walk through how to install the adapter using Apache Tomcat, as well as what steps are needed for this to work in your own environment.

The use of the SFDC Canvas Adapter is governed by the License Agreement included in the downloadable zip file. You should read the entire agreement carefully, but here are a few highlights:
  • There is no cost to use the adapter. However, you will need licenses to Tableau and to Salesforce.
  • Can be distributed with your software, as long as Tableau is notified of these products (send an email to:
  • The SFDC Canvas Adapter is Community Supported.  
Download the Canvas adapter and documentation here: Salesforce Canvas Adapter for Tableau.


Salesforce Classic does not support Lightning Web Components and the Tableau Viz Lightning Web Component to embed Tableau Viz in Salesforce does not work.

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