Set The Default Filter Value in a Published View

Published: 31 Jul 2013
Last Modified Date: 21 Sep 2020


How to set the default value of a filter in a published view, so that users will all see the same filter values when they first load the view on Tableau Server. For example, setting the start or end date on a range of dates slider.


  • Tableau Desktop
  • Tableau Server


When a workbook is opened on Tableau Server, the view displays the filter values that were applied to the view when it was published. Therefore, to change the default position of the date range filter slider, you must republish the workbook.
  1. In Tableau Desktop, move the position of the left slider to a specific date on the date range filter.
  2. Select Server > Publish Workbook to republish the workbook to Tableau Server.

Additional Information

If the slider position is changed through use, clicking the Revert All button in the Tableau Server view will reset the slider to the default position.

Note:  If another user creates a custom view by clicking the Remember my changes option while the position of the slider is in the non-default location, this user then may not see the default position when they load their custom view. Their custom view will become their default view for that particular sheet or dashboard.

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