Displaying a Header for Fields Used Only as Text or Label

Published: 25 Mar 2013
Last Modified Date: 09 Jan 2019


How to display the header for a field that is being used only on the Text or Label card.


Tableau Desktop


The following instructions can be reviewed in the attached workbook (10.3).

Option 1

  1. Drag Measure Names from Dimensions to Columns.
  2. Drag Measure Values from Measures to Detail.
  3. Right-click Measure Names on Columns and then select Filter.
  4. Click None and then select the fields whose headers you want to display.
  5. Click OK.

Option 2

  1. Drag Measure Names from Dimensions to Columns.
  2. Right-click the header of the column that needs a title. It will likely say No Measure Name.
  3. Select Edit Alias.
  4. Type the new title and then click OK.

Option 3 (For only one measure)

  1. Click Analysis > Create a new calculated field... 
  2. Name the calculated field "Title" and in the formula, add the name of the column that you wish to use in quotes. For example:
  3. Drag the newly created field "Title" to Columns.
  4. Right-click on the text "Title" and select Hide field labels for columns.

Additional Information

To view Option 1 and 2 in action, see the video below: 

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