XML Endpoints No Longer Available in Tableau Server

Product(s): Tableau Online, Tableau Public, Tableau Server
Version(s): 9.3
Last Modified Date: 16 Aug 2016

Due to a change in Tableau Server processes, XML endpoints (for example, http://MY-SERVER/users.xml) will not be available starting in Tableau Server version 10.0. Users who depend on these endpoints should port their code to use the REST API.


Tableau Server components are occasionally rearchitected for better performance, scalability, and other reasons. As part this effort, the API Server process (wgserver) is no longer required on Tableau Server. The functionality originally provided by that component is now built into other components.

XML endpoints

For several versions, Tableau Server has included the wgserver process, which was designed to facilitate content management. A side effect of how this process was implemented was that Tableau Server has let users make requests to XML endpoints. For example, users have been able to make requests like the following, which returned information about users defined on the server:


XML endpoints were never documented and are not supported. However, we are aware that some customers have taken advantage of this functionality to get information about content on the server. If you have application functionality that depends on these endpoints, you must update your code to use the REST API instead.

Status in current and future versions of Tableau Server

In Tableau Server 9.3, the wgserver process is disabled by default. (REST API calls are handled by a different process.) If you want to continue to use XML endpoints in Tableau Server 9.3, you must explicitly enable the process using the following commands:

tabadmin stop
tabadmin set api.server.enabled true
tabadmin configure
tabadmin start

Starting in Tableau Server 10.0, the wgserver process will be removed entirely. At that point, you will not be able to use XML endpoints at all.

Reasons for the change

As noted, XML endpoints were not a supported feature; they were a side effect of the way in which wgserver was implemented. Because they were unsupported, we made no effort to update the endpoints to accommodate new functionality on the server, or to fix bugs. Moreover, the XML endpoints were sometimes unstable—for example, requesting very large datasets using an XML endpoint could result in errors or hangs.

XML endpoint parity

As we have extended the REST API with new functionality, there has been less and less need for the XML endpoints. The information that was returned by XML endpoints is now either available using the REST API, or was determined not to be functionality that currently requires an API endpoint.

There is not necessarily a one-for-one mapping between an XML endpoint and a REST API; for example, an XML endpoint might have returned information in a different format than how the information is returned by a REST API method.

The following table shows equivalents between XML endpoints and REST API methods.

XML endpointREST API method(s)
auth.xml Sign In
data_connections.xml Query Workbook Connections
datasources.xml Query Datasources
groups.xml Query Groups
projects.xml Query Projects
schedules.xml Query Schedules
site_tasks.xml Query Extract Refresh Tasks
sites.xml Query Sites
Query Site
tags.xml Query Datasouce
Query Workbook
Query Workbooks for User
tasks.xml Query Extract Refresh Tasks
users.xml Get Users in Group
Get Users on Site
views.xml Query Views for Site
Query Views for Workbook
workbooks.xml Query Workbook
Query Workbooks for User

With one exception (see next section), if an endpoint is not listed in the preceding table, no equivalent exists in the REST API.


The systeminfo.xml endpoint continues to be available. This endpoint provides information about the current status of server processes. For more information, see Get Process Status as XML in the Tableau Server documentation.


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