U.S. 5-digit FIPS County Code Geocoding

Product(s): Tableau Desktop
Version(s): 8.3
Last Modified Date: 23 Feb 2016

This article demonstrates how you can plot U.S. 5-digit Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) county codes on a map view. Follow the steps below to insure that Tableau can recognize 5-digit FIPS county codes as county geographical data.

Step 1: Change the Data Type to String

  1. Download and open the FIPS 5 County Codes example workbook.
  2. Right-click County FIPS 5 and select Change Data Type > String.
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Step 2: Assign the County geographic role to the field

  1. Right-click County FIPS 5 again and select Geographic Role > County.
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Step 3: Build the view

  1. From Dimensions, drag State to Detail on the Marks card.
  2. From Dimensions, drag County FIPS 5 to Detail on the Marks card.
  3. Click the Marks card drop down menu and select Filled Map.
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4.  From Dimensions, drag County FIPS 5 to Color on the Marks card.
5.  From Dimensions, drag County to Label on the Marks card.

The resulting map view shows the counties for the state of New York.
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