Unavailable Admin Link

Product(s): Tableau Server
Version(s): 8.0
Last Modified Date: 19 Jun 2014

Article Note: This article is no longer actively maintained by Tableau. We continue to make it available because the information is still valuable, but some steps may vary due to product changes.

As a system administrator of multi-site instance of Tableau Server, you have the ability to add site administrators. You can add site administrators to a site from the Users page on Tableau Server in one of two ways: individually or in batches using a CSV file. When adding site administrators individually, you may notice that the link you use to add site administrators is unavailable. 

This option becomes unavailable when you have selected another user with system administrator privileges. Beginning in version 8.0, system administrators cannot have their permissions changed in this way.
To resolve this issue, clear the check box next to the name of the system administrator and click the Admin link again to add the selected site administrators to a site. To change the permissions of an existing system administrator, go to the All Users page.    
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