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Last Modified Date: 16 Aug 2016

Tableau Reader is a free product that anyone can use to viewing Tableau workbooks that were created by licensed users of Tableau Desktop.

This article aims to help you resolve Tableau Reader-related issues.

To make the workbook completely portable for Tableau Reader use, Tableau Desktop saves a snapshot of the data with the workbook in a Tableau packaged workbook, which uses the file extension .twbx.

Error when opening a Tableau workbook

If you receive an error when you try to open a Tableau workbook in Tableau Reader, you might need to download the latest version of Tableau Reader.

Cannot open a workbook in Tableau Reader

If you can't open a workbook, or you see an "Unknown data source class '<data-source-name>'" message, you might be trying to open a regular Tableau workbook (file extension .twb) instead of a Tableau packaged workbook (file extension .twbx). A regular workbook (.twb) makes a live connection to data whenever it is opened, so you cannot open it in Tableau Reader.

Extract data message when creating a packaged workbook in Tableau Desktop

You must create an extract in Tableau Desktop before you save the file as a packaged workbook. Tableau displays a warning, asking if you want to stop saving the file so you can extract the data you want. If you are connected to an Access, Excel, or a text-based data source, you don't need to create an extract.

Note: Users cannot open a statistical file-based workbook in Tableau Reader unless you create an extract from the statistical data and save it with the workbook as a packaged workbook (.twbx file).

If you see the above message, follow the steps below to create an extract first and then the packaged workbook.

Step 1 

In the Warning message box, click No to stop saving.

Step 2 

Select Data > Extract.

Step 3 

In the Extract Data dialog box, make any necessary selections to refine the extract. You can also keep the default settings.

Step 4 

Click Extract.

Step 5 

In the Save As dialog box, enter a a descriptive name for the extract and save it to the default location, My Tableau Repository\Datasources, and then click Save.

Step 6 

Select File > Save As and save the workbook as a packaged workbook.



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