Refreshing a View on Tableau Server

Product(s): Tableau Server
Version(s): 6.0, 5.2
Last Modified Date: 16 Aug 2016

Article Note: This article is no longer actively maintained by Tableau. We continue to make it available because the information is still valuable, but some steps may vary due to product changes.

When working with a Tableau Sever view, you may notice that the data in the view does not update when you click the Refresh Data button in the toolbar. For a view with a file-based data source such as Microsoft Access, Microsoft Excel, or .CSV, the view connects to a static version of the data source when it is initially opened. Because the view continues to point to that version of the data source until it is closed, clicking the Refresh Data button only refreshes the data connection. If the data source changes, the view will reflect those changes after you have performed one of the following suggestions:

  • If you have access or permissions to republish the view, do so without republishing the data source. The republished view points to the data source file on your machine, which allows you to retrieve the latest data in your view when you click the Refresh Data button.
  • Reload the page by pressing F5 on your keyboard, clicking the Refresh button on the browser window, or closing the browser window and reopening the view.
  • Consider the resolution in the Resolving Problem with Updating Excel Data in a Workbook article if you're connected to an Excel data source.

Note: Make sure to save your custom views before reloading the page to avoid losing changes you have made to the view such as applying filters, or modifying the original sort order.


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