Manage Your Tableau Product Keys

Product(s): Tableau Desktop, Tableau Server
Version(s): All
Last Modified Date: 16 Aug 2016

Both Tableau Desktop and Tableau Server require product keys to activate the products. You can manage your product keys through your customer account by signing in to the Customer Portal.

Look for an email with your sign-in information

After you purchase a Tableau product, you will get an automatic email from Tableau Customer Service with a user name, temporary password, and email link. The email subject is Welcome to Tableau Account Center. The sender will be Please make sure to add this address to your address book if you have problems receiving email. Use the link in the email to access your account. Note that the old download center is no longer available. You can access your account from the Tableau Customer Portal.

For step-by-step download instructions, please visit the Downloading Tableau Products article. If you need your password reset or your sign-in information resent, send an email to Customer Service.

Below are some common topics that should help you when managing your product keys.

Show a full list of product keys

In Tableau Desktop you can click Help > Manage Product Keys to see a list of product keys used on that computer.

In Tableau Server, an administrator can go to the Licenses page. But this list may not show all of the product keys available to your account. You can see all product keys that have been activated by going to the primary server machine and selecting Start > All Programs > Tableau Server > Manage Product Keys. This utility does not show the number of license levels associated with each product key. You can see license level information in the Customer Portal.

Recover a lost product Key

Follow the steps below to recover your product keys.

  1. Go to the Customer Portal and sign in. If you don't know your password you can use "Forgot your password" link to recover your password.
  2. Click My Keys.
  3. Your product keys are listed in the table, copy the product key for the product you are activating.

Alternatively you can contact Customer Service with your name, company, phone number, and email address to have your product key sent to you via email.

Access the former download center

The former download center is no longer available and has been replaced by our the Customer Portal. There you can manage your product keys, downloads, and more. Use the portal and begin taking advantage of its features.


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